How should I prepare for my Virtual Colonoscopy?

You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your exam. You may be given a gown to wear during the procedure. Women should always inform their doctor and our CT Technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant. It is very important to clean out your colon the night before your Virtual Colonoscopy examination so that the Radiologist can clearly see any polyps that might be present.

Preparation procedure:
Before beginning the following steps, you will need the following:
3 days prior to the procedure:
Follow a low fiber/low residue diet. Drink lots of fluids - especially water. Stop fiber supplements. Avoid high fiber items such as beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grain items.

2 days prior to the procedure:
Same as above.

One day prior to your procedure (BUSY DAY):
With every meal:
Take a dose of Tagitol.
Drink only clear liquids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Solid foods, milk or milk products are NOT ALLOWED.
Clear liquids include:
Fruit juices (apple, grape, cranberry, white grape
Clear broth or bouillon
Plain jello and popsicles
Coffee or tea without milk or creamer

Soft drinks: carbonated or non-carbonated
At 3:00 pm - Take 2 Dulcolax tablets followed by 3-4 glasses of clear liquids.
At 5:30 pm - Mix the bottle of MiraLAX 255g in the 64 oz. bottle of Gatorade and begin drinking. Drink a glass every 15 minutes until you have finished the 64 oz bottle.
At 8 pm: You may want to use Vaseline or A&D ointment to prevent irritation. You may want to substitute Tucks or baby wipes instead of toilet paper as well.
Do not have anything to eat or drink after midnight (unless your procedure is in the afternoon).

Day of procedure: You may have a drink of water to take medication on the morning of the procedure. If your exam is in the afternoon, you may have breakfast (clear liquids only).
Be sure to inform your physician if you have heart, liver or kidney disease to be certain that the bowel prep will be safe.
You will be able to resume your usual diet immediately after the exam.

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