What should I expect during the exam?

You will be positioned on a moveable examination table as part of your MRI exam. Straps and bolsters may be used to help you stay still and maintain the correct position during imaging. We try our best to make these comfortable for our patients.

Small devices that contain coils capable of sending and receiving radio waves will be placed around or adjacent to the area of the body being studied. If a contrast material is used for the MRI exam, a nurse or Technologist will insert an intravenous (IV) line into a vein in your hand or arm. A saline solution may be used. This solution will drip through the IV to prevent blockage of the IV line until the contrast material is injected.

You will be moved into the magnet of the MRI unit and the technologist will leave the room while the MRI exam is performed.

If a contrast material is used during the examination, it will be injected into the intravenous line after an initial series of scans. Additional series of images will be taken during or following the injection.

When the exam is completed you may be asked to wait until the Technologist or Radiologist checks the images in case additional images are needed.

Your intravenous line is then removed (if used).

MRI exams generally include multiple runs (sequences), some of which may last several minutes.

Depending on the type of exam, the entire exam is usually completed in 15-45 minutes.

MR spectroscopy, which provides additional information on the chemicals present in the body's cells, may also be performed during your MRI exam and may add approximately 60 minutes to the exam time.

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