Are there any health risks associated with CT Scan?

Our new CT equipment uses the lowest dose of radiation available nationwide. Generally, the small risks of the radiation are outweighed by the potential benefits of the information gained by the study. Our contrast agents are generally safe; however, like all medications, side effects can occur. Newer contrast materials have significantly decreased the incidence of side effects. Any allergic reactions are usually mild (itching, flushing). If you have had allergic reactions to these agents before, or if you have asthma or multiple allergies, you may be at a higher risk for a reaction. Be sure to inform your physician and our CT technologist if your have any of these conditions.

Iodine contrast can also rarely cause kidney toxicity in people with certain medical conditions, which include but are not limited to: kidney failure, diabetes, multiple myeloma, severe dehydration, hyperuicemia (may occur with gout) and heart failure. If you fall into one of these categories, or if you are over age 60, a blood test will be needed prior to the study to measure your kidney function.

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