When and how will I find out the results of my test?

One of our on-site Radiologists will interpret your DEXA bone density results and forward a report to your referring physician. Your physician will review the results of your test with you. Your test results will be in the form of two scores:

T score - this number shows the amount of bone you have compared to a young adult of the same gender with peak bone mass. A score above -1 is considered normal. A score between -1 and -2.5 is classified as osteopenia, the first stage of bone loss. A score below -2.5 is defined as osteoporosis. It is used to estimate your risk of developing a fracture.

Z score - this number reflects the amount of bone you hae compared to other people in your age group and of the same size, race, and gender. If it is unusually high or low, it may indicate a need for further medical tests.

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