To release and obtain films/reports you will need to complete this form Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information and fax to 410-543-1063.

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The core of our facility and purpose, is our patients. Your doctor's goal is to see good results, both from our medical imaging and through clear, consise reporting and we share this goal; however, it is our central mission to see our patients comfortable, relaxed and to know they're respected and cared for when they enter our building for any study.

Comfortable Waiting Room

We've designed our waiting room for your comfort and enjoyment. We provide comfortable seating along with TV, a variety of magazines and comfortable lighting. For your privacy we have separate men's and women's changing and waiting areas.

Another Core: Communication

Communication is vital to superior patient care. The entire staff is dedicated to delivering the quickest and most accurate results to your doctor. Images are read and reported immediately following your procedure by our on-site Radiologists.

As a partner with Peninsula Regional Medical Center, diagnostic imaging can be accessed by computer from each location. This makes it easier to compare prior images to the most current ones. Your doctor can also access and view your images and reports from their office through our secured web access.