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Thank you for visiting Peninsula Imaging online. Peninsula Imaging is a full-service Outpatient Imaging Center located in Salisbury, MD, committed to the highest quality patient care employing the best diagnostic technologies available.

Accurate, thorough and rapid imaging is essential to our mission and believe it is critical for maintaining health and wellness for the patients we serve. With this visionary approach, we have equipped our new facility with the most current imaging equipment and technology available on the market today.

Outside of this technology, the heart of our quality is our staff. Our 15 highly skilled, community-based and board certified Radiologists, hold the key to providing patients with the most effective treatment recommendations.


Important News for
Orthopedic Imaging

Peninsula Imaging now offers metal artifact reduction sequences (MARS). MARS aids in the detection of postoperative clinical conditions of patients with various joint replacements or metal implants. This combination of software and scanning technique allows improved visualization of areas near the implanted device. Historically, postoperative joint replacement scans, such as hips and knees, were deemed non diagnostic due to metal artifact. Due to improvements in MRI software, visualization of anatomy adjacent to metallic implants can now be seen in ways never thought achievable.

In addition, this spring we will install the most advanced MRI technology available. Our new Siemens Aera MRI will provide superior orthopedic imaging using 16 channel coils for shoulder, hand/wrist, foot/ankle and knee imaging, 18 channel coils for hip/pelvis imaging, as well as 32 channel coils for spine imaging. Other features include Advanced Metal Artifact Reduction, Quiet Technology, and high power magnetic gradients, enhancing image clarity to a research level. All MRI scanners at Peninsula Imaging have large bore technology and increased weight limit tables which accommodate large or claustrophobic patients, while delivering outstanding image detail.

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Peninsula Imaging was recently designated as a Lung Cancer Screening Center by the American College of Radiology (ACR)

This designation recognizes Peninsula Imaging’s commitment to providing screening care to patients at the highest risk for lung cancer and helps ensure the greatest possible lifesaving benefit from these exams.

Lung cancer screening with the use of low-dose computed tomography (CT), combined with the appropriate follow-up care has been proven to significantly reduce lung cancer deaths.

Please click here for more information on Lung Cancer Screening.